Course Aeration & Top Dressing

Here is a brief explanation of why we need to aerate:

Why is aeration necessary?

It is done to improve soil aeration and soil water conditions.

Soil aeration is a process that replaces oxygen in the soil.

Increases the amount of space available for air to penetrate the soil, which is critical for root growth and plant growth.

Improves the rate water moves into soils.

It helps to alleviate compaction.

Why is topdressing necessary?

It is the most effective way of controlling thatch on the greens, we still will be doing the usual program of using our reno-thin reels (verticutting) to help with the thatch when ever we feel that is necessary. We were doing it approx every 10 days.

The sand on the surface may be annoying at times, the purpose of topdressing is to restore health to the weak turf, and smoothing out the surface by filling in the ball marks etc.

The Benefits:

– Water Infiltration

– Root growth

– Decreased Thatch

– Ability of the fertilizer to penetrate into the soil

– Algae control

If we don’t aerate,¬† the soil would get too compacted, Roots can no longer breathe, and the grass will become thin and eventually wither and die.

Thanks to all of the members who have been using our sand/seed boxes to fill in divots, and repairing ball marks on the greens, it really helps!