2017 Annual Tournament Results

Annual Tournament

The Riverside Ladies Annual Tournament was held on the weekend of August 19th & 20th. There were 30 ladies participating in this two day tournament, the weather cooperated, fellowship on the course was great, everyone enjoyed the meal, so I think it was a great success!
Thank you to the ladies coordinating this event!
  • Annual Tournament Committee Chair, Sharon Reiner
  • Committee members, Sandra Haskins (RBG) and Dianne Brickner (RDL) and, other volunteers, Sherri Kashuba, Britt Kowalski, Jenn McPhillamey, Jackie Stewart, Laurie Knight, Caroline Warren, Deb Marlow and Jana Mundt

Here are the results of the 2017 Riverside Ladies Annual Tournament:

Club Champion – Elaine Maloney
ProLady (Low Net Champion) – Jean Melnychuk

1st Flight

1st Low Gross – Terry Trotchie
2nd Low Gross – Margot Trembath
3rd Low Gross – Shirley Feenstra
4th Low Gross – Susan Der

2nd Flight 

1st Low Gross – Sherri Kashuba
2nd Low Gross – Cathy Poon
3rd Low Gross – Jody Smith
4th Low Gross – Colleen Walford

3rd Flight

1st Low Gross – Charlene Weiss
2nd Low Gross – Rita Leblanc
3rd Low Gross – Karen Miller
4th Low Gross – Paula Yerex

4th Flight

1st Low Gross – Sherry Rinholm
2nd Low Gross – Sharon Reiner
3rd Low Gross – Jana Mundt
4th Low Gross – Sandra Haskins

Other Prizes

Long Drive Hole 6 (Handicap 0-24) – Terry Trotchie
Long Drive Hole 15 (Handicap 25-40) – Karla Hartfield
KP Hole 7 (in 2 shots) – All – Margot Trembath
KP Hole 4 – All – Terry Trotchie
KP Hole 14 – All – Elaine Maloney
Longest Putt 18 – All – Shirley Feenstra

Birdie Pot

1 birdie – Elaine Maloney
1 birdie – Jean Melnychuk
2 birdies – Terry Trotchie

50/50 – Louise Horne