Message from the President – December 2015

Wow!  Can’t believe it was a year ago that I agreed to stand as your President. It’s true, time goes fast when you’re having fun.  And it’s been a wonderful year with lots of learnings, stumbling, and successes.  Most of all I’ve enjoyed getting to know the members better and  working with the executive.  Speaking of the executive, I want to say a big “Thank you!” to the members of our Executive Committees who took leadership roles this year. They are the reason our club is so successful. They put in untold hours and care so deeply about our club and I’m so proud to work with them:

Jean Melnychuk         Diana Hewko        Diana Shaw        Sherry Rinholm
Julie Multamaki         Elaine Maloney    Christene Madsen    Vicky Patten
Sharon Harshey         Sheila Miles         Carla Duncan

Last spring the executive shared a new vision for our club: Members are proud to be a part of our club and are great ambassadors of the sport of golf.  By “great ambassadors” we meant that our members would know the rules and play by them, know the etiquette and follow it, and establish a handicap and record their true scores.

We implemented many strategies to help our members become “great ambassadors” and we have seen a great improvement over the year.  Members were much more conscious of the rules and etiquette and making an honest effort to follow them.

The expectation in our club is that everyone will have a handicap. We started the year with 68% of our members having handicaps and by the end of the year our rate went up to 81% That’s outstanding!  We want to thank each of you who made the effort.

What’s coming up in 2016?

Registration:  We introduced a “pre-registration” and well over 50% of our members have already registered for next year.  We’ve moved the deadline for registrations to March 1, 2016.

Terms of Reference:  The executive is working on role descriptions and action plans for all of our events and activities so that we can ensure smooth transitions whenever we have new people stepping into roles in the club.

Update Bylaws:  Our executive is reviewing the club Bylaws to ensure they are current and accurately reflect the expectations of our club.

Putting Champion Contest:  A committee is introducing a new putting contest that will help us find the best putter in the club every year.