2018 Day Ladies Golf Season and returning membership form

Riverside Day Ladies 2018 Golf Club   Returning Members Renewal Form

Please make cheques payable to “Riverside Day Ladies”.   Post date Feb 15/2018 

Annual Fees include Fall banquet and the visitors’ day luncheon at Riverside.

For 2018 Season

1.Those players make Riverside their Home Club to keep their handicap will be paying the $150 yearly fee.

2 .Those who pay their Golf Canada/AGA fees to another club (this means it is your home club) will pay $125 yearly fee. We will need this information (club where you pay Golf Canada fees) indicated on your registration form.

3.If you are a public player and pay your fees directly to Golf Canada and Riverside is your home club, you also only pay $125.  Also indicated on your Registration form.

4.Since we are not allowing any new 9 holes players, returning 9 hole golfers will also only pay $125 (that means no record of you on the computer handicap system)



GOLF CANADA/AGA   Riverside ___ Public Player __ Do not keep handicap ___

Another Club (which one)_________________________

Print current email address (only if you read your email daily)  _____________________________________________

**If you are moving, or have moved, please supply your new address and telephone number.


 Please mail to Kara Hartfield   11129-65 St NW , Edmonton   T5W 4K2       780-868-2286