2016 RBG Executive

Volunteers: Our club relies on volunteers.  It is a great way to meet new people and ensure the continued success of the RBG club.  All volunteers will be entered into a draw for a free entry into the RBG league.The following is the list of our 2015 Riverside Business Girls Executive

2016 Executive E-mail
President Jacqueline Broverman  jbroverman@shaw.ca
Vice-President Sherry Rinholm  srinholm@gmail.com
Secretary Treasurer Jean Melnychuk  jmelnych1@shaw.ca
Social Committee Chair Sharon Harshey  sharshey@hotmail.com
League Night Activities Chair Patti Andrews-Smith dcpat@wowchiropractic.com
Fall Classic Chair Jodi Horb  jhorb@parlee.com
Annual Tournament Chair Sherry Rinholm  srinholm@gmail.com
Website Manager Phuong Luu  pdluu09@gmail.com
Special Events Chair Diana Shaw  diana_f_shaw@hotmail.com