General Info for Day Ladies

Welcome To The Riverside Day Ladies’ Golf Club

This information has been designed to refresh or familiarize you with our program. Please take the time to go through it. All information, including your scorecard, is kept in the ladies’ clubhouse.


Our club’s continued existence depends on Volunteers for Executive and Committee positions.  If you, new member or returning member, are interested in helping, please contact the Vice President.  Position descriptions are available from the Executive.



Sign Up Sheets

  • Three weeks of sign up sheets will be posted on the bulletin board.
  • Use the vacation calendar if you will be away longer than date on last sign up sheet posted.
  • Sheet for the next week’s draw will remain on bulletin board until end of play on Tuesday.
  • If you need to have an early tee time for one reason or another put your request next to your name and we will try to accommodate. Please note, if you want to get out early every week this may not always be possible due to other people needing the early times.
  • For new members: as we are an 18-hole club you should be signing up regularly for 18 holes.  If for some reason you can only play 9 holes, that’s acceptable on a casual basis.

Tee Times

May and September:  8:00 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.

June through August:  7:30 A.M. – 10:00 A.M.

  • Tuesday tee times will be posted on the bulletin board and on the website by Wednesday night. If your name is not included, email Sports: Tee times at    Please keep in mind that the weekly draws are done as fairly as possible.  If there are any issues, speak to a Sports: Tee times member.
  • Note:  The official draw is the one posted on the website. You need to contact the Sports: Tee times  if you want to fill an empty spot.
  • You may contact the Sports:Tee Times for your tee time by email or by phone. Please leave a message.
  • Riders will be put on carts with other riders to reduce the number of carts on the course.


Check In Times

You must check in at the Pro Shop 20 minutes before your tee time so that they know you are there and ready to play golf.


Cancellations must be made to the Sports:Tee times (not the Pro Shop). The only exception would be a last minute cancellation on the applicable Tuesday morning – call the Pro Shop at 780-496-4710 2 2. Please phone to cancel rather than not showing up as a courtesy to the Pro Shop, the Sports Committee and your foursome.

Bulletin Boards

Be sure to check the bulletin boards in the main clubhouse and ladies’ clubhouse on a regular basis.  Important information on tournaments, upcoming events, etc. will be posted on these boards.  If you have any news to share please give it to the Sports Committee.



Break 80, 90, 100, Hole-In-One and Eagle pins are free when members first qualify. If you qualify for a pin, please notify the Sports Committee on the applicable date and turn in your completed, signed and attested scorecard.



Each golfer is to turn in her scorecard. Scratch out other players’ names and scores. Place scorecards for Tuesdays in the designated slot in the ladies’ clubhouse. Winners of all Tuesday competitions are posted on the bulletin board.

Players with established handicaps are responsible for calculating their net score each week. Every scorecard is to be turned in, regardless of your score. Players with non-established handicaps are also responsible for calculating their scores and placing them in the designated spot.

Write only two scores on each card:  your net score and the score for that Tuesday competition. Ensure that the scorecard is dated, signed and attested by you the player AND the person attesting your score.

New members who play less than six Tuesday games will be warned that their membership will be terminated unless special circumstances exist.  Special circumstances will be reviewed by the members of the Executive.

Pin Day

This is a nationally sponsored stroke play competition, less full handicap, to be played at the Riverside Golf Course.  It is open to all members with an established handicap.

Pin rounds must be played under the rules of stroke competition. The competitors must hole out, with no conceded putts.  Score must be attested by a club member.

Awards are determined from the four best net scores from a minimum of six games and a maximum of ten games a total of ten pin days have been scheduled. Two Golf Canada pins are presented annually:  one for the player having the lowest aggregate of four net scores and one for the runner-up. These pins are for first time winners only. Second time winners will receive year bars.



Golf Canada members are required to maintain a current and accurate handicap at all times. The handicap factor represents the player’s potential scoring ability enabling golfers at different levels to compete on an equal basis. All scores, both regular and tournament play, entered into the computer are to be adjusted according to the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) chart below.

For full details, check the Handicap Rules Sheet posted on the bulletin board.

A new member will need to contact the Staff in the Pro Shop to attain their User ID and password. You may then enter your score each time you play. Your handicap will be established after five 18-hole or ten 9-hole games have been entered.

Please contact your Handicap Chair if you have any questions.


Handicap Adjustment
9 or less 2 over par
10-19 maximum score of 7
20-29 maximum score of 8
30-39 maximum score of 9
40 and over maximum score of 10

Golf Tips & Etiquette

Practice Swing:  Practice safely! Make sure no one is standing too close.

Consideration:  Players should not move, talk, stand too close, or directly behind the ball or the hole when a player is addressing the ball or making a stroke.  If a cell phone or pager must be carried on the course, please check for messages when between holes.

Please remember the 3 R’s: Replace divots, Repair ball marks and Rake bunkers.


  • Be ready to golf when your group is called to the tee.
  • Be ready to hit on your turn off the tee, on the fairway and around the green.
  • Keep the group ahead in sight.
  • Hit a provisional ball if you think your ball is lost.
  • Pull your cart toward the next tee before putting.
  • Upon completion of the hole, leave the green immediately and proceed to the next tee before marking your scorecard.

Rules Corner

It is important to play by the rules of golf. Rules books may be available from the Executive.  A new Rules books is created every 4 years:  next one is in 2016.


Local Rules:

Squirrel Taking Ball:  If a squirrel takes your ball, it must be seen and verified by another player and yourself for no penalty

Staked Tree:  Ball may be dropped one club length from the staked tree, no nearer the hole:  no penalty

Walkway Fence:  Perimeter fence from 10th hole to 14th hole will be played as out of bounds (OB).  A ball outside of the fence, going over or under the fence, must be declared OB.  Penalty is stroke and distance.  Ball coming to rest near fence must be played as it lies or declared unplayable and dropped two club lengths no nearer the hole:  one stroke penalty.