2015 Bylaws signed Sept 1 2015

BY-LAWS of the Riverside Day Ladies Golf Club Edmonton, Alberta
Article I: Name
The name of this Group shall be the Riverside Day Ladies Golf Club.
Article II: Purpose
1. Grow excellence and passion for the sport of golf while upholding the integrity and traditions
of the game by following the Rules of Golf.
2. Foster a closer association among the members for their joint and mutual benefit by
maintaining a uniform system of handicapping and scorekeeping to promote and conserve the
best interests of the Group.
Article III: Membership
1. Membership shall be available to women golfers with a minimum number of individuals set at
40 .
2. Memberships are individual and non transferable.
3. Memberships shall only be issued to golfers with a reasonable and regular opportunity to play
18 holes of golf with fellow members and who can return scores for posting and calculating of
handicap factors by the Group.
4. Membership confers no voice or special privileges in connection with the operation of any golf
course, clubhouse, or any facilities of the golf Course where the Group may conduct its
5. Memberships are for the active season as dictated by AGA.
6. Membership Applications shall not be accepted from golfers who are members in good
standing of a group at another City of Edmonton Municipal Golf Course unless the applicant is
prepared to relinquish membership of that other group.
7. All members are deemed to be in good standing upon receipt of all annual dues and fees and
when they have golfed six games with fellow members on designated golf days.
8. All new members shall be obliged to attend classes arranged by the Group on golf course
etiquette, local rules and RCGA/Golf Canada rules prior to entering Tuesday competitions or
9. Honorary Life memberships may be conferred by unanimous approval of the Executive Board.
(An honorary life member is defined as a woman, retired from the game of golf, who would
appreciate attending the Group’s social activities, receiving no gratuities from the club).
10. In the event any member of the Group shall commit any act that reflects discredit or disrepute
on the Group or shall refuse or neglect to comply with the rules and regulation adopted by the
Executive Board, such member shall be subject to suspension or expulsion after 10 days, upon
receipt of a written notice and the right to be heard, by a vote of not less than two-thirds of
the Executive Board, at any regular meeting or special meeting called for that purpose.
Article IV: Meetings
1. The Annual General Meeting for the Group shall be held in the fall; a general meeting for
the Group shall be held in the spring. The Executive Board shall provide notice, by
publication, of such meetings at least 21 days prior to those meetings.
2. A quorum for any meeting of the Group shall be 50% of the membership, who shall be
present in person. Each active member in good standing shall be entitled to one vote.
3. The Executive Board is vested with the authority to call a Special Meeting, notice of which
shall be given at least one (1) week in advance of said meeting. In addition, said notice
shall contain a brief summary of the business proposed to be transacted at the special
4. Upon petition of one-third (1/3)of the members of this Group, in writing, presented to the
Secretary of the Group requesting a Special meeting, the Secretary shall cause notice to be
given to all members of the Group in good standing. Date and time of said meeting to be
announced at least one (1) week in advance of same.
Article V: Executive Board
1. The affairs of the Group shall be managed by the officers of the Group known as the
Executive Board.
2. The Executive Board consists of :
Immediate Past President
Sports Captain
Handicap Chairman
Social Chairman
Representative to Edmonton Golf Association- Ladies Division
3. Members of the Executive Board shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting and shall
serve for a two year term and may be eligible for re-election when their term is completed:
the Immediate Past-President shall assume her office automatically.
4. The Executive Board shall exercise all powers of management of the Group not specially
excepted by these Bylaws. All cheques, bonds, contracts in writing necessary for the conduct
of business of the Group Shall be signed by any two(2) officers, namely the President,
Secretary or Treasurer.
5. The Executive Board shall meet regularly at the call of the President. A majority of the
Executive Board members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.
6. Any member of the Executive Board who fails to fulfill her duties or who without just cause,
absents herself from two consecutive Executive Board meetings shall cease to be a member of
the Executive Board.
Article VI: Nominations and Elections
1. At least five (5) weeks prior to the Annual Meeting. The Executive Board shall appoint a
nominating committee consisting of the Vice-President as Chair and two members of the
Group to act as the nominating committee.
At least one week prior to the Annual Meeting, a list of all candidates nominated shall be
published in some manner as to afford reasonable notice to the members of the proposed
Names of other members in good standing may be nominated by petition signed by at least
two members and submitted to the Nominating Committee at least two weeks prior to the
Annual Meeting. Additionally, the Chair of the Nominating Committee shall call for
nominations from the floor at Annual Meeting.
2. Voting shall be by written ballot and those names receiving the greatest number of votes cast
by those present and entitled to vote at the Annual Meeting shall be declared elected. The
Executive Board shall appoint a committee of three persons who are members of the Board or
candidates for elections to supervise the elections.
3. In case of any vacancy through death, resignation, disqualification, or other cause, the
remaining members of the Executive Board even though less than a quorum, may elect a
successor by majority vote to hold office for unexpired term of the Officer whose place was
vacant, and until the election of a successor.
4. Any member of the Executive Board who fails to fulfill her duties, or who without just cause
absents herself from two consecutive Executive Board meetings shall cease to be a member of
the Executive Board.
Article VII: Fees and Dues
1. All membership fees and dues shall be established by the Executive Board from time to time
in such amounts as deem adequate to operate and maintain the Group. Such membership
fees and dues shall be received and approved by members of the Group each year at the
Annual General meeting.
2. All membership fees and dues shall include membership payable to Golf Canada via Alberta
Golf and the Edmonton Golf Association, Ladies Division. Members association dues will be
promptly be remitted to the association. Improper reporting of membership numbers and the
resulting association fees will result in the suspension of the golf Group.
3. All membership fees and dues shall be paid to the Group no later than April 15 each year. No
membership fees shall be accepted thereafter except under extraordinary circumstances
which shall be presented for review by the Executive Board.
Article VIII: Committees
1. The Executive Board shall authorize and define the powers and duties of all committees.
Chairmen and committee members shall be appointed by the president, and the president
shall be ex-officio members of all committees as the president may deem necessary and
2. The Group must have a Handicap Committee composed primarily of members with the
responsibility to establish a fair and proper system of handicap factors in accordance with
procedures set forth by Golf Canada.
3. The Executive Board may activate and specify terms or reference for any Standing or Special
Committee necessary for the efficient operation of the Group, i.e.
Assistant Sports Captains
Rules Chair and assistants
Membership chair and Booklet committee
Assistants to Social Committee
Ringer Board
Marshall and Podersky Representatives, and Assistants.
4. The President, or her designate, shall represent the Group on the City of Edmonton’s Advisory
Committee for Municipal Golf Courses.
Article IX: General Rules
1. At all meetings the order of business shall be as follows:
-Reading and approval of the minutes of the preceding meeting
-Business arising out of the minutes
-Treasurer’s report and financial statement
-Reports of standing committees
-Election of officers where appropriate
-New Business
2. “Robert’s Rules of Order Revised” shall be the final authority as to Parliamentary Procedures
at all meeting of the members in so far as they do not conflict with any provisions of the
3. A copy of all minutes shall be given to the President within one (1) week following each
Article X: Local Rules
1. Local rules shall be observed as indicated on the back of the scorecard and those posted
before each tournament.
a) Golf Canada’s Rules of Golf shall apply as modified by the standing rules or local rules on
the scorecard.
b) Decisions of the Rules Chairman, (or the Professional in the club house if no Chairman)
shall be final in all cases.
c) No member shall compete in a tournament until the member has established a handicap
factor of 39.5 or under, or has a transfer handicap factor from another accredited course
that can be verified by Golf Canada Score Centre.
d) In order to be eligible to play in the Group’s Championship, a member shall have an
authentic handicap factor of 39.5 or less. No qualifying round shall be played. Flights will
be determined by handicap factors.
e) The Group’s Championship will be played each year on dates that do not conflict the
Alberta Golf’s or Edmonton Golf Association’s tournaments. The Group’s Championship
will be played on Tuesday and Thursday of the same week.
f) The May Layfield Putting Championship and the Joy MacIveen Cup shall be open to any
member who has an authentic handicap factor.
Article XI: Waiver Liability
1. The Group shall be a non-profit organization, organized solely for the social benefit of its
members. The Group shall not be liable to any member, or any other person, for any damage
or claim arising out of this Group’s operation, and any member into this Group hereby waives
any such damage or claim which may exist at the present time or which may at a future time
Article XII: Auditing
1. The books, accounts and records of the Group shall be approved by the Executive Board each
year. That approved statement will be presented at the Annual meeting for approval by the
members. The books, accounts and records shall be available for inspection by the members
upon reasonable request and at such times and places as the Executive Board may designate.
2. Financial records and accounts shall be kept for 10 years. Bylaws, minutes , rosters, and
tournament winners for each year will be collected by the Group’s Secretary and will also be
kept for 10 years. All other documents such as tee sheets, Marshall and Podersky records and
duplicate minutes will be held for no longer than 2 years.
Article XIII: Method of Amending Bylaws
1. The Executive Board shall have the power to repeal or amend any of these By-Laws,
subject to
a) An unanimous vote of the Executive Board or
b) Two Thirds majority of the voting members at the Annual General Meeting.
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