2017 Iron Maiden

We had a fabulous and super successful first Ladies League tournament last Tuesday.  Thank you all for coming out…we hope you had fun.  I would like to say a HUGE thank you to Maureen Orchard and Bonny Rowda for organizing everything and running a smooth event!  Of course this wouldn’t have been possible without our volunteers Karen Vranas, Danica Frazer, Erin Howe, Trudy Iwanyshyn and Margot Trembath. Thanks for your time and effort!

This year we were VERY LUCKY to have a lot of extra prizes available for draws thanks to Bonny Rowda and Brad Lazarenko.  I know the that all of the members are very appreciative!

Ok so now for all the lucky members.  Here are the list of winners and prizes.

Hole Prizes: ($10 gift cards)

#1 – Longest Putt – Livia Balone  and Shortest Drive – Jan Schmitz
​#2 – ​Closest to the Green but not on in 4 – Ann Thompson
​#3 – Tree Trimming – Sherry Kashuba and Longest Putt – Merle Flynn
#4 – In the Beach – Amie Dowell
#5 – Closest to the Pin – Eman Oliver
#6 – Closest to the Tree – Erin Howe
#7 – Closest to the Pin – Britt Kowalski
#8 – Crazy 8 – Colleen Ellingson

#9 – Par on 9 – Shell Hyland​

Winners of Draws:

Lorna Alfrey -Shoe bag/towel
Sheila Bilyk – Shoe bag/towel
Ruth Brebner – Blanket
Shirley Feenstra – Cooler bag
Jackie Foord – Cooler bag
Danica Frazer – Tote bag
Terri Groves – Cooler bag
Jodi Horb – Blanket
Erin Howe – Shoe bag/towel
Sherry Kashuba – Cooler bag
Sherry Kohlman – $30 Southgate GC
Ronnie Loeder – Tote bag
Elaine Maloney – Tote bag
Gail Matazow – Shoe bag/towel
Julie Multamaki – Tote bag
Karen Nielsen – $30 Southgate GC
Mary Jane Park – CULINA Brunch for 4
Teresa Rocki – Shoe bag/towel
Jan Schmitz – $30 Southgate GC
Alayne Sinclair – Shoe bag/towel

Karen Vranas – Shoe bag/towel

Congrats Ladies! Hole prizes and gift certificate winners, your prizes are in the scorebooks.  If you won a draw prize and did not pick it up last week then we will have them available for pick up at the ProShop on Tuesday or at the next tournament.  Please tell proshop you won a prize and they will get for you.

Last but not least….the Tournament winners!  We had 10 prizes for Lowest score, 5 for Highest score, 2 for Most putts and 2 for Least putts.  You all won $10 gift cards and will be in the scorebooks.

Elaine Maloney
Terry Trotchie
Lorna Alfrey
Jean Melnychuk
Margot Trembath
Carolyn Knispel
Shel Hyland
Susan Waywood
Trudy Iwanyshyn
Danica Frazer
Gail Matazow
Karen Neilsen
Carmen Fidler
Diana Hewko
Carla Teske
Julie Budge
Sandra Gilmour
Elaine Maloney

Ronnie Loeder