President’s Message – May 2016

Next Tuesday, be sure to fill out a tee time ballot BEFORE you tee off that night.  The ballots will be available in the club house.  Be sure to print your name very clearly, choose your preferred tee-off time and then drop it  into the box no later than 6:30.  The Committee will assign tee times and post them on our website by the next day.

Here is a quote from our Member Handbook:

To book tee times for the following week, members must enter their name (or group) in a draw the week prior requesting their desired time. 

  1. On Tuesday, before your round, complete a draw ballot for the following Tuesday.  Ballots are in the clubhouse and must be submitted by 6:30 p.m.each Tuesday.
  2. You can enter as a single or a group, but be sure to fill out your ballot completely, with your preferred time of play and all the names of the people in your group.
  3. If you are golfing in a group, be sure to only submit ONE ballot per groupIf your group submits more than one ballot (even by mistake), they will all be disqualified for that week.
  4. Indicating your preferred time DOES NOT guarantee you that spot, however, the draw committee will attempt to give you a tee time as close to the one you requested. Your tee time will not be earlier than you requested, although it may be scheduled for a later time. If you do not want to be scheduled for a later time, indicate that on your ballot.
  5. Once all the ballots are in, a random draw is conducted. The resulting schedule will be posted on the bulletin board that evening, and be posted on the club website.  
  6. You must sign up every week to get into the draw for the following week.


Our volunteer Draw Committee tries to be fair to all members, so please be understanding and patient if your tee times do not always suit your preference.

RULES CLINIC – Final reminder that everyone is encouraged to attend our special Rules Clinic on Monday, May 9 at 7:00 p.m. in the Ladies Clubhouse, which is the building next to the main clubhouse.  This is such a great opportunity to learn and understand the basic rules of golf.  You can try to stump our in-house expert, Elaine Maloney, with your tricky rule questions.  To register, just send an email to Elaine at


Keep swinging!

Jacqueline Broverman