2017 Ribbon Tournament

Thank you to Margot Trembath and Karen Vranas for doing all the organizing. You were a tremendous help to me!  As well, thanks to our volunteers Maureen Orchard, Danica Frazer and Bonny Rowda for your time and dedication.

Since we were rained out, we decided to do draws for all the available prizes.  Here is a list of winners. If you were not available to pick up your prize it will be in the scorebooks.


Louise Jenkins
Diana Shaw
Julie Multimaki
Danica Fraser
Jen Bossenberry
Ann Thompson
Caroline Warren
Miranda Rowda
Bonny Rowda
Brenda Shikaze
Pat Bradley
Carla Corbett
Charlene Weiss
Jodi Horb
Rosanna Zenko
Sharon Harshey
Rita Leblanc
Colleen Ellingson
Alayna Sinclair
JoAnn Rauschenberger
Jan Schmitz
Terri Trotchie
Merle Flynn
Mo Hyland
Jean Melnychuk
Maureen Orchard
Margot Trembath
Patti Andrews-Smith
Doris Picard