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Men’s Night Draw

Tee Times

The tee times start at 12:00 p.m as per usual. After you register to play, you must inform the starter that you are ready to play. If you have no special requests the starter will put you out with the first available group. This is usually pretty quick if you are going out as a single. To avoid any waiting you may enter the Tee Time Draw at the previous Men’s Night. Fill out a ballot and put it in the draw box. You can then confirm your tee time for next week on the web site. At busy times, usually in May and June, it is possible that not all players will get a tee time. These players will be guaranteed a tee time in the week after the one they missed. You must check-in with the starter 15 minutes prior to your tee time. Otherwise, the starter can give your spot to people on the waiting list.

In the event that you can not keep your time the pro shop must be notified.

MEN’S NIGHT DRAW        DATE: Sept 25 2019  
11:54 Erikson Erikson McLennan Marouelli
12:03 Carchidi Bourque Gartner  
12:12 Nesbitt Armour Ness Jansen
12:21 Brinsmead Godsell Charpentier Sharp
12:30 Stock Segin Emsland Stevenson
12:39   Huang Birse  
12:48 Hewko Graham Hargas  
12:57 B White Cooper M Smith Jerchel
1:06 Hatcher Ernst Baggy  
1:15 Halbauer Halbauer Helwig Peterson
1:24 Danks Spanach Brown McLean
1:33 Pigg Morton Dederick Bus
1:42 Wyllie Sheplawy Richter Williams
1:51 Miles Barrie Morris Werry
2:00 Emblem Short Himschoot Merrell
2:09 VanHorne Webber Romaniuk Biever
2:18 Albert Flynn Flynn J White
2:27 Shaw Connelly Chernyk Jeffrey
2:36 Smith Walker Moore Spence
2:45 Matthews Stark Zuzak Solomon
2:54 Sopczak Mead Sopczak Inch
3:03 Hessels Bond Coleman McKenzie
3:12 Halko Johnson Mayes  
3:21 Donaldson Donaldson Reeder Interman
3:30 Bracco Mayzel Liebrecht Webb
3:39 Bouchard Modeste Shield Aust
3:48 Moak Freund Doray Johns
3:57 Wanchuk Smallwood Stiles  
4:06 Ogilvie Kirk Ogrodney Warshawski
4:15 Matweyko Biever    
4:24 Bracuk Bracuk Berrett Shelton
4:33 Stewart Keller Devereux Phillipon
4:42 Fitz Heath Ryan Shane
4:51 Isbister Lee Gaby Federow
5:00 Kocil B Watts Kocil J Watts
5:09 Shawn B Payne Wallace