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Points Race Rules

Thousands of dollars in prizes are awarded at the “Year End Banquet” to successful players in this year long event. A player accumulates points by participating in Men’s Club tournaments and by posting low net scores in Men’s Night.

Specifically, points are earned as follows:

  • 25 points per club tournament entered.
  • 8 points per Men’s Night entered.

Points for beating other players (based on net scores) each week in Men’s Night. For example, if you net score is 37, and this is better than 50 players on that night, you receive 50 points. Your best 12 results will be used of all the times you have played. The season is scheduled for 20 weeks.

REMEMBER: Big prizes for this event are awarded at the “Year End banquet” for which attendance is mandatory to collect, so play a lot and play well.

Points Race standings will be posted weekly.