RBG 2013 Fall Classic Winners

Congratulations to all the winners of our Fall Classic last Saturday.
Also many thanks to those ladies and our sponsors that supported this year’s event.

Low Gross Winner: Shirley Cameron (79)

Low Net Winner: Cathy Poon (66) – count back

Flight #7 (Handicap 33+)
4th Low Net Sherry Kohlman (81)
3rd Low Net Ellen Hodgson (77)
2nd Low Net Shawna Randolph (77) – count back
1st Low Gross Vicky Patten (114) – count back
1st Low Net Patti Bobowsky (75)

Flight #6 (Handicap 31-32)
4th Low Net Cathy Weigl (85)
3rd Low Net Rita LeBlanc (85) – count back
2nd Low Net Carolyn Lord (82)
1st Low Gross Sherry Rinholm (113)
1st Low Net Paula Yerex (75)

Flight #5 (Handicap 28-30)
4th Low Net Marlene Klemick (83)
3rd Low Net Tanya Hook (83) – count back
2nd Low Net Charlene Weiss (82)
1st Low Gross Jill Davis (106)
1st Low Net Doris Picard (66)

Flight #4 (Handicap 24-27)
4th Low Net Jan Schmitz (82) – count back
3rd Low Net Debra Pukalo (80)
2nd Low Net Crystal Wilson (79)
1st Low Gross Merle Flynn (102)
1st Low Net Marlene Severs (74)

Flight #3 (Handicap 20-23)
4th Low Net Betty Wong (80)
3rd Low Net Ann Kitt (79)
2nd Low Net Tara Berrett (79) – count back
1st Low Gross Eva Poon (100) – count back
1st Low Net Sharon Lazaruik (77)

Flight #2 (Handicap 15-19)
4th Low Net Julie Multamaki (77) – count back
3rd Low Net Terri Groves (76)
2nd Low Net Susan Der (72)
1st Low Gross Shirley Feenstra (86)
1st Low Net Joanne MacNeil (69)

Flight #1 (Handicap 0-14)
4th Low Net Mary Chang (74)
3rd Low Net Terry Trotchie (74) – count back
2nd Low Net Jean Melnychuk (73)
1st Low Gross Margot Trembath (83)
1st Low Net Elaine Maloney (72)