Day Ladies Schedule 2019

Tuesday April 30 Spring Meeting Victoria Clubhouse
Tuesday May 7 First Day of League Play (weather permitting)
          14 Welcome Day PIN DAY
           21 Aeration Back Nine
28 Riverside Day Ladies Memorial Cancer Event
 Tuesday June       4  Play Your Own Game  PIN DAY
12 Play your own Game PIN DAY
          18 Possible Visitor Day (Hosting Blackhawk)
  25 Better Ball Twosome Hidden Partner PIN DAY
     Tuesday July 2 May Layfield Putting Competition  PIN DAY
8-10 AGA Ladies Amateur @ Willow Park Calgary
9 Play your own Game  PIN DAY
14-15 EGA Amateurs & Seniors Golf Tournament @ Riverside and Highlands
16-18 Day Ladies Annual Tournament
23-25 AGA Senior Ladies Championship @?
23 Play your own Game
30 Pick Own Time, Partner or Foursome PIN DAY
 Tuesday August 6 Play your own Game PIN DAY
13 Aeration Back Nine Start
20 Joy McIlveen Competition PIN DAY
24-26 RBG/DL Club Championship
27 Play your own Game, Bring a Friend Day
Tuesday September 3 Play your own Game PIN DAY
10 Play Your Own Game
17 Play Your own Game
24 Last day of league play–FUN DAY
Thurs September 26      (?)   2018 Windup Banquet and AGM
May 13
June 9

June 24

May 23
June 6
June 20

June 27