Ladies Interclub

Interclub is match-play golf format, played between members of teams from Edmonton and surrounding golf clubs. The golf clubs must be members of the EGA.

The objectives of the Ladies’ Interclub program are to promote friendly relationships and competition between clubs via match play.

The Ladies’ Division has two Interclub competitions: Marshall Cup and Podersky Cup.

Marshall Cup.

On Mondays from mid-May to mid-June, eight ladies represent their home club in a Marshall cup single match play in twosomes, to promote camaraderie as well as serious competition. It is hoped that the Marshall Cup, as it continues to be played for by the Edmonton area lady golfers, will always be a symbol of friendship and good sportsmanship as well as of good golf.



Podersky Cup

The trophy known as the Podersky Cup is the Fred Podersky Memorial Trophy, Ladies’ Two-Ball Handicap Inter-Club Challenge. Throughout its past history the Podersky Cup not only has presented a golfing challenge, but also has stimulated good will and fellowship among Edmonton area lady golfers.

Presently these matches are played on Thursdays from mid-May to mid-June with eight ladies representing their home club.


Visiting Days are set up by the EGA to allow EGA member clubs to have the opportunity to play at other clubs and also host another club at our golf club. A schedule is created by the EGA, and our Sports Commitee arranges with the club we are visiting and the club we are hosting A luncheon is usually arranged by the hosting club. Our members look forward to these opportunities to meet and play with other EGA members.